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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is the process of converting the spoken word, for example between English and Russian. For converting the written word see Translating.

At the heart of the language services offered by Russian Interpreter are our spoken word interpreting services. We are qualified up to Diploma in Public Service Interpreting level, and have thousands of hours of experience in interpreting.

Examples of where we provided services include:

Private businesses

Local government


Delegations visiting UK

Court services

Young offender Institutions

Probation services



Mental Health Services


Womens’ Refuges


Social Services

Face to Face Interpreting

For the most immediate and highest quality interpreting, the interpreter needs to be present with all parties. This situation minimises any danger of misunderstanding by any party, and speeds the process as the session is the nearest one can get to a normal conversation.

We have experience of interpreting across vastly different locations, from prison cells to luxury Sunseeker speed boats.

We have also helped with oral exams in state and public schools and academies.

Telephone Interpreting

Interpreting over the telephone eliminates any costs for travel distance and time. Telephone interpreting sessions can be set up at short notice and to specific appointments.

Video Interpreting

Video interpreting combines the advantages of telephone interpreting with some of face to face interpreting. This can be done over a client’s own network/equipment, or we can join a conference from our own offices using Skype.

If you are interested in using our interpreting services, please contact us, details below.

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