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Mrs Assel Chisholm, DPSI

Assel was born and raised in Almaty, the principle town of the former Soviet state Kazakhstan. Assel fundamentally understands how business is done in Russian speaking countries.

Assel holds a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI). Assel’s diploma specialises in law,

however she has interpreted for many public and private services and enterprises including police, court, solicitors, mental health institutes, NHS, social services, official visits and private and public business meetings.

Assel is passionate about interpreting and translating. Since she started interpreting in 2002 she has completed well over 2000 hours of proved public service interpreting. Assel also translates for private companies and government agencies.

Andy Chisholm

Andy complements Assel’s work by proofreading and editing material.

Andy has many years’ experience as a copy editor and technical writer. He can take essays and assignments written by those who do not have English as a first language and modifies the wording and style so that the end documents are clear and easy to read. Where there is a question that the writer cannot answer in English, Assel can clarify what is needed by speaking to the writer in Russian.

Andy is also an experienced web content, and can build web sites for businesses. For more information on this please see Andy’s web site Technical Writer.

Andy is also an experienced photographer who can help with product and personnel photography.


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E-mail: assel@russianinterpreter.org.uk